How We Work


As every commission is unique in it’s own way we invariably adopt a client-centred / project-centred approach.

In the first instance we would encourage all clients to pick up the phone and talk to us. We charge nothing for advice and consultation, and a little time spent discussing your project will always prove worthwhile. Our combined 60 years professional experience mean we thoroughly understand illustration, print and multimedia processes, the varied markets we work within, and how careful consideration of approach, context and application can mean significant time – and therefore cost – savings. For example, often size does not matter as much as a client may believe, and an illustration required to reproduce at several metres across may cost no more than one very much smaller. Sometimes a few minor tweaks to a preferred style or a considered look at how an illustration may be utilised or created can result in a much smaller fee – particularly useful when budgets are defined prior to commission.

We know that meaningful, robust dialogue and regular contact throughout a project builds trust, mutual respect, and benefits process, price and outcome. We have no sales staff or junior creatives – the Maltings is just Mike and Steve, and our clients deal directly with the partner working on their project. We are the very definition of the artisan approach, and our expertise is always included in the price. And because we know that price is invariably important, wherever possible we supply a firm quotation prior to beginning any commission – detailing what the client can expect of us, rights of use, appropriate approval stages, and the timeframe for delivery. We encourage our clients to contact us as and when they feel it necessary, and email regular progress updates during larger commissions to assure clients that schedules are being adhered to.

One final point worth making – but possibly more difficult to define – is the wider experience of working with The Maltings. The quality of our output should be clear from our samples on the Illustration Wall, but beautiful illustration is only part of the story. We feel much of our exceptional reputation is built on the relationships we encourage with our clients. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, honest and reliable. We genuinely love what we do and give all that we can to each and every commission, large or small. When an Order is placed with us we want our clients to feel it is a problem solved, a task off their desk and a weight off their mind. Trusting us to do the job and believing in our capability to deliver should always be the expectation. Our ultimate aim is always the same: When a job is complete and we deliver the artwork, our client’s expectations will not just have been met… they will have been surpassed.